Shameka J. Walker on Abuse

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    Financial Abuse,  Relationships

    Blind Love

    You missed his inner beauty because you are too focus on his outer imperfections. Unable to see his heart is pure as gold and only desires to love You. But your secret talks and hidden thoughts, if revealed, will destroy the core of his innocent soul. He is blind not only naturally but by love for, You, the woman he trust the most that is blind by love for only herself and financial gain.

  • Abuse,  Domestic Violence

    Toxic Love

    For almost three years I loved you to the point of no physiological return. I was lost between my sanity vs my reality unable to see the truth. I painted a picture to the world that you were worth being called a King. When in reality you were a coward to your own insecurities. But I could no long allow you to harm me physically or emotionally because of your inability to talk things out. Communication for you to me consisted of your fist to my face and your hand to my throat. But the Queen in me was awaken one night while deeply in prayer with my heavenly father.…