Past Loves

Shameka J. Walker on the relationships of past loves

  • Inner Ghosts by Shameka J. Walker
    Past Loves,  Relationships

    Inner Ghosts

    His inner ghosts have taken control again at the expense of the person that love him the most. The blatant irresponsibility of his ego will not allow him to get or receive the help he really needs. Even though he is surrounded with love he only sees his mistakes. Please don’t let it be too late for him because patience is slipping away from her heart. The internal ghosts he fights alone with no prevail are depression, confusion, lack of communication, and emotional abuse. But the love she has for him supersedes all his flaws and she only sees her best friend beyond his pains. Her heart only has love…

  • No Answer
    Past Loves,  Relationships

    No Answer

    I called to say, “Good Morning My Love.” But I got No Answer I planned to tell you all the good and exciting news But I got No Answer So I sat on the couch alone and confused with my face in my hands Wondering why I got No Answer So many promises so many lies that you would never hurt me again Doesn’t change the fact that after several calls I still got No Answer Now you have forced me to take back control of my life and heart So when you get out of your feelings and call, you will get No Answer By Shameka J. Walker